About Us

Youth Lobby is a grassroots coalition of youth from across Vermont working together in partnership with our legislators, community members, nonprofits and other organizations, to affect the change younger generations are demanding. We are committed to nonviolence and inclusivity of ideas from both sides of the aisle, as long as they are for the betterment of our collective future, and not the profit of a few. 

We work with the system, not against it, and always promote polite, civil, and fact-based dialogue in the pursuit of a better future and more informed solutions. We only hope that those in power can learn to do the same.

Our Mission...

Is to help youth from across Vermont realize their true power to effect significant change through responsible, informed, collective action and civil discourse, to find a way to channel their concerns about their future in a productive way.

About The Name:

Our name, the Youth Lobby, is a pun.

Do you get it?  There are no lobbyists who advocate for future generations’ interests.

 That’s why it’s funny. Or not.

We are, in no way, an “official” lobbying organization as none of us are paid lobbyists, but we do work peacfully from the inside the system to acheive the climate action that our generation is demanding.