About Us

It All Began With One – Our Story

Early in 2015, a single student convinced a teacher to create a new political action club at Harwood Union High School, known as the Youth Action Committee. They recruited a few more students and made the decision to focus their attention on the issue of climate change.  These students wanted to move beyond the typical school level work and take their cause to the Statehouse.

A Movement Was Born…

The Youth Action Committee knew they were going to need a lot of help, so they reached out to over a dozen high schools and colleges from across Vermont, as well as the Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) and 350VT.   Representatives from the following high schools and colleges formed a Planning Coalition, which met on several Sunday afternoons to organize the first Youth Rally for the Planet.  

Our 2015-2016 Coalition High Schools Our Coalition Colleges
    • Mount Abraham High School
    • Vergennes Union High School
    • Winooski High School
    • Harwood Union High School
    • Champlain Valley Union High School
    • Mount Mansfield Union High School
    • South Burlington High School
    • Montpelier High School
  • People’s Academy
University of Vermont

Champlain College

Goddard College

Green Mountain College

A Shared Vision Developed…

The Planning Coalition spent multiple meetings discussing the most effective ways we could inspire the youth of Vermont to become better informed and take collective action on the issue of climate change. We felt that…

“Getting as many young people as possible to engage in one great act of collective action will do more to combat the widespread cynicism and political disengagement of our youth than any Rock The Vote campaign.”  

Youth Lobby – Climate Caucus


The Vermont Youth Lobby – Climate Caucus exist to educate, empower, and inspire young Vermonters to advocate for greater political action on climate change.

MISSION STATEMENT (from 2015-2016)

As the youth of Vermont, we recognize the dangers of climate change, and we want to shape our environmental future in a positive way in our state and in our world.  Now is the time to:

    • Promote conservation and efficiency
    • Put a price on carbon
    • Enact regulatory measures and taxes to promote clean alternatives
    • End the privileges given to the fossil fuel industry
  • Increase awareness among youth and other Vermonters about climate change and related issues

We will do this by rallying together to work with our lawmakers and to educate youth.


    1. Have a direct impact on climate related legislation
        • Carbon Pollution Tax
        • Divestment
        • 90% by 2050
        • 100% Renewable Communities
        • Ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure
      • Propose our own legislation
          • Make Schools More Green
        • Electric School Busses
        • Traditional Media
      • Social Media
        • Direct “lobbying” of politicians (meetings, letters, petitions, etc)
        • Promoting particular legislation
        • Political Rallies
      • Media Campaigns
    1. Inspire youth to become more politically active
        • Assembly Presentations
        • Rally for the Planet
        • Social Media Campaign
      • Teaching for Action – building a network of action-oriented teachers
    1. Build a Youth Movement to coordinate local and statewide campaigns
        • Youth Lobby Meetings
        • Presentations at conferences
        • Mass Email Solicitation
        • Personal Please and Networking
      • Youth Lobby Conference
    1. Educate the community and change opinions about climate change
  1. Inspire personal changes
      • Drop in the Bucket Challenges/Contests
    • Promote Vermontivate!


    • Bipartisan (we are open to solutions from the left or the right)
    • Nonviolent
    • Inclusive
    • Informed
    • Democratic
    • Empowering
  • Responsible

About the Name

Our name, the Youth Lobby, is a pun.

Do you get it?  There are no lobbyists who advocate for future generations that we are aware of. That’s why it’s funny.

We are, in no way, an “official” lobbying organization, and none of us are paid lobbyists.  We are a movement of young Vermonters trying to encourage other young citizens to become better informed and more politically involved.  We work with the system, not against it, and we always promote polite, civil, and fact-based dialogue.  We only wish adults would do the same.