Rally for the Planet

Ready to have your voice join the voices of hundreds of Vermont youth concerned about the future of the Planet?

Let’s Rally for the Planet!


The Rally for the Planet is organized for youth, by youth, as a way to gather and have our voices heard about things that matter to us. Themes vary from year to year, with a common theme always being to voice our concerns and solutions for the health and future of our planet to the decision makers in the Vermont Statehouse.

It’s always a fun event, filled with hope and inspiration. You will be surrounded by hundred of other VT youth who care, listen to great music, and hear from youth activists sharing the message of what VT Youth want to see happen in our state. You’ll have the option to make art, meet people working for other organizations who do climate justice work, join youth-lead teach-ins on various topics, and get tasty treats donated by sponsors.

We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors for the event. Please check out our annual Rally for the Planet page to register, check out our blog for events, and email us if you would like to be a sponsor.