Details for our Third Planning Meeting – Please Join Us!!!

Detailed Agenda for Our Third Meeting

When: Sunday, March 13th

What Time: 3pm – 6pm

Where: Mount Abraham High School, Bristol VT

Brief Introductions/Icebreaker and Quickly Revisit Norms (10 Minutes)

  • Student-Led Icebreaker and Introductions – There will be new people in attendance


General Announcements and Updates (10 Minutes)

  • Recap of what we are doing and where this came from.
  • What we have accomplished so far (need links)
  • What have other groups done?


Consider Our Platform, Mission, Goals, and Talking Points (10 minutes)

  • Contribute thoughts on sticky notes
  • We will collate and condense and come back with a proposal to vote on at the next meeting


Subcommittee Work – Who Will Do What, When?

There will be 2 rounds of subcommittee work, and people will be free to flow from one subcommittee to the other if they would like to contribute to more than one group.

  • We should focus on decisions and products that require the whole group to make.
  • Each group should appoint a notetaker to take notes  – please use the Google Doc located in our Shared Subcommittee Folder
  • Please identify 1 or 2 subcommittee leaders who will be the direct contact person with the steering committee. Leaders do not have to do everything, but they are responsible for everything.  The leader’s main job is to organize, delegate, and make sure things get done.
  • Please remember our group norms, especially the norm about equal air time. Subcommittee leaders should ensure everybody in the group has an opportunity to contribute their thoughts, especially the students.


Round One (45 minutes)

Outreach Sponsorship Staging and March Logistics Infrastructure


Update the larger group and ask for feedback or support as we break for snacks (20 Minutes)


Round Two (45 minutes)

Presenters/Speakers Publicity Legislative Testimony Vendors/Tabling


Update the larger group and ask for feedback or support as we break for snacks (15 Minutes)


Subcommittees Needed


  • Outreach



  • Infrastructure


      • Staging, Audio, Speakers, Electric, Port-o-potties etc.


  • Staging Areas and March Logistics


      • Where can we stage people on the day of the event? Who will organize the event marshals and what will they be responsible for?


  • Speakers/Performers


      • Who will perform/present/speak?


  • Corporate and Nonprofit Sponsorships and Fundraising


      • Who will sponsor our event and how can we get funds to pay for transportation, infrastructure, and speakers fees?


  • Vendors and Tabling on the Lawn


      • Food (deal w/ lunch), Drink, and Activities on the lawn?


  • Publicity Before and After


      • Photography, Videography, Aerial Footage: Who will cover the event?


  • Legislative Testimony


    • What opportunities can we provide students to meet with VT lawmakers?


Feedback on Facilitation and Identifying Next Steps (15 minutes)

  • How did the day go?  What could be improved?
  • Our Fourth Planning Meeting will take place next Sunday, March 20th at Winooski High School from 3pm-6pm.
  • When and where should the fifth meeting be? Perhaps Montpelier…..?


For the Infrastructure Group

Matt – I am writing to confirm that you have reserved the State House Lawn on Thursday, April 28, 2016, as summarized below.   You will need to collaborate with BGS Maintenance (828-3312) regarding the placement of the bouncy house and tents.  Please see the information below regarding tents.  I have attached information regarding the electrical service on the Lawn.  Let me know if you have questions.  Thank you.

Approval:           Reservation confirmed 2016-02-24

Location:             State House Lawn

Date:                    Thursday, April 28, 2016 ­­­               

Time:                    7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Group:              Harwood Youth Action Committee

Contact:           Matt Henchen; 802-324-4521;  

Event:               Climate Change Initiative

Numbers:        500 people/100 cars (estimate)

Equipment/Services:  electrical service

RUSF Form:     Received 2016-01-07

Insurance:        Received 2016-02-16

Notes:              Event is sponsored by VPIRG

                             Set up stage; sound system for guest speakers

                          Various booths and tents – sharing information; informative games/activities; free food/non-alcoholic drinks

                          An area set up for small children with bouncy house/games.

State House Lawn – Electrical Service

Your request included the need for electricity.  We provide electricity at no charge if you utilize the circuits in place.  The circuits are located between the stairs leading up to the State House at the second landing level (see 20A on the attached map).  There are four 20-amp circuits on a three- foot, green pedestal.  These ground-fault protected receptacles may require pushing the reset buttons to utilize them at times.  We do not provide extension cords.

If you find that the electrical service is not working,

  •          Weekends, evenings, and holidays, call BGS Security at 828-0777
  •          Week days, call BGS Maintenance at 828-3312


The placement of tents on the State House Lawn must be coordinated with the BGS Maintenance Division staff (828-3312).  Because of security concerns, all tents must be removed following the end of the event.  No tent can be left on the State House Lawn overnight.

Tents – Permit Required?

The State of Vermont, Department of Public Safety (DPS), Division of Fire Safety requires a tent permit for tents larger than 1200 square feet.  This is the link to the permit application:

While Department of Buildings & General Services (BGS) does not require the permit, this is not a permit requirement that can or would be waived by BGS.  I would suggest that you contact DPS Fire Safety Division if there are any specific questions about the permit or permit process.

Deborah W. Ferrell  | Assistant Director

Government Business Services Directorate

(Fleet | Information Centers | Print | Postal | Surplus Property)

& Request to Use State Facilities (RUSF) Process Manager

Department of Buildings & General Services

Office:  802-828-1053  |  Cell:  802-598-7167

New Email Address:


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